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6 Handmade Gift Tags to try

6 handmade gift tags to try

With Christmas fast approaching, my attention is turning to wrapping the gifts I have bought. What better way to finish off those gifts, than with beautifully handmade gift tags. Here are the instructions for 6 handmade gift tags to try. These are not complicated to make, so get the kids involved and have a go. Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and Neighbours will certainly love having a handmade tag on their gifts.

1. Rudolph Gift Tag

You will need:

  • Brown gift tags
  • google eyes
  • a red pom pom or button if you prefer
  • glue
  • string or ribbon
  • a black marker or felt tip pen

Add a dot of glue towards the base of your tag, and stick down a pompom or button for Rudolph’s nose.

2. Button Snowman Tag

You will need:

  • a brown gift tag
  • 3 white buttons
  • glue
  • a black pen
  • some coloured string or ribbon

Add 3 dots of glue in the centre of your tag, then glue down the 3 white buttons for the snowman’s body and head. Draw a hat on top you your snowman’s head. Tie a bow using your ribbon or string, then add a dot of glue in between to the top and middle buttons. Attach your bow to make the snowman’s scarf. I have recorded a helpful video on how to tie a bow. You will find it at the end of the button snowman instructions.

How to make a bow…

3. Fingerprint Snowman Gift Tag

You will need:

  • a dark coloured gift tag
  • white paint and a brush or sponge
  • coloured pens in black and orange
  • coloured string or ribbon

Paint your finger with the white paint and make a finger print in the centre of the tag. When the paint is dry, draw a hat, nose, eyes and buttons on your snowman. Tie a bow following the video instructions above if you need. Put a dot of glue on the neck of your snowman and attach the bow for the scarf.

4. Embroidered Star Gift Tag

You will need:

  • A Gift tag in a colour of your choice.
  • Ribbon or embroidery thread in a colour of your choice
  • A sharp needle

This one is a little bit more tricky, but with some patience you will have plenty of embroidered star gift tags to add to your gifts this Christmas.

Start by punching holes in your tag to mark the points of a star. You can either draw a star fairly with a light pencil, or cut a star shape out from a scrap piece of paper. Lay the paper on top of your tag and mark each point with a pencil or your needle. You could also mark out the points of your star freehand to mark the points if you’d prefer.

Begin by threading your needle with your ribbon or embroidery thread. Starting at the top point (your 1st point), pull your thread through the card from the back to the front. Leave a tail of about 10 cm at the back of the card.

Skip the 2nd point, and push your needle through from front to back in the hole at the 3rd point. Pull the thread up against the card so that there are no loops, but be careful not to pull the thread too tight. Your tag will need to lay flat. From the back, push the needle through the 5th point, skipping the 4th point.

Now push the needle back into the 3rd point from front to back, and from back to the front through the 5th point. From there you will aim for the 2nd point. Slide the needle underneath the stitch you meet on the way.

Go through the 2nd point from the front to the back, then up through the 4th point from 2nd point the back to the front. Now you’re heading back to the 2nd point. On your way, slide the needle under the first, and over the second stitch you come across, then back down the

Your star is almost complete. Bring your needle back through the 4th point from back to front. Now, heading up to the first point, go under the 1st and then over the 2nd stitch you come across. Then back down through the 1st point from front to back. You should finish back right where you started.

Trim the ends to about 2 cm in length. Add a dab of glue to the back of your star tag, and stick the ends down securely. Leave the glue to dry completely before attaching your tag to a present.

5. Hanging Baubles Gift Tag

You will need:

  • a coloured tag. You can choose which colour works best for you.
  • Some small coloured buttons. Again, choose which colour works best with your theme.
  • a black pen
  • some glue

To begin, you will need to decide where you would like each bauble to be. Deliberately putting them at different heights will look better than trying to get them all the same. Put a dab of glue where each bauble will be. You don’t need loads, just enough to keep the buttons stuck to the card. Next, stick your buttons down nice and firmly. With your black pen, draw lines from the top of your card. Finally, draw a couple of little loops just above each button.

6. Santa’s Belly Gift Tag

You will need:

  • red gift tags
  • black paper
  • black or white buttons
  • ring pulls
  • glue
  • scissors

Firstly, let’s make Santa’s belt. Cut a strip of black paper thin enough to fit through the centre of your ring pulls. Measure the width of your gift tag and trim the strip of black paper to match. Thread the trimmed strip of paper through the ring pull.

Put a line of glue across the gift tag where you would like the belt to go. Stick down your belt firmly. Add a couple of dabs of glue for the buttons and stick those down firmly as well. Wait for the glue to dry completely before attaching your Santa gift tag to a present.

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