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Beaded Star

beaded star

These beaded star ornaments are a great decoration. If you don’t have any wire, you can try with waxed cord. I had a go at both and found it far easier with the wire. Using wire will also mean it holds its shape better when its hanging on your tree.

You will need:

  • 48 wooden beads. My beads are 8mm yellow beads, but you can choose the size and colour of your beads.
  • thin florist wire of beading wire about 75cm in length
  • side cutters
  • a short length of string or ribbon for hanging

Setting Up

Start by thread 6 beads onto your wire. Bring the end of the wire at the bottom around to meet the end at the top, creating a circle of beads. Put a few twists in the wire to hold it in place. Trim any excess wire from the shorter end. You should now have one long length of wire with a circle of beads at the end.

To Make the Points

Thread another 5 beads onto your wire. Bring you wire back down through bead number four. Feed the wire through until the top bead (the fifth bead) is tight against bead number four.

Thread on two more beads. Thread the wire through the first bead, and the next bead in the original circle, pulling the wire all the way through. You have created one point on your star!

Thread another five beads on to start the next point on your star. Work your way around the circle following the same instructions until you have six points.

To finish off your wire, cut away any excess, leaving a few centimetres of wire. Wrap this around the wire in the base circle and fold in the end.

Finishing Off

Thread a piece of string or ribbon through one end bead. You will find this much easier with a needle. If you don’t have a needle, fold the end of an offset of wire over a piece of string. Push the unfolded end through the bead and ease the ribbon through gently. Your makeshift needle will not be as strong as a normal needle, so ease it through gently.

Well done! You have made a beaded star. Find somewhere on your tree to display it proudly! Maybe you can have a go at making some different size stars. Use bigger beads and a longer length of wire.

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