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Make a Gift Bag from Wrapping Paper

Remember that wrapping paper your kids so lovingly made? Well here is another use for it. Make a gift bag from wrapping paper.

You will need:

  • wrapping paper, or a sheet of your kids finest artwork
  • sticky tape
  • scissors
  • ribbon and a hole punch if you’d like to add a handle

Measure the size of bag you would like, by placing there paper loosely over your gift. Fold the paper in half and tape the entire length of the seam.

Fold the bottom up by a couple of inches. Open it out again, and fold the edges in to create triangles. Fold the edges of this flap into the middle and tape along each edge.

Open out your bag and place your gift inside. Fold down the top and seal. Use a piece of tape, or punch a couple of holes and add ribbon to the top. Add a felt poinsettia to the from for extra details.

Alternatively, fold the top of the bag to the inside so that the edge is finished off nicely at the top. Punch two holes on either side of the bag. Attach some ribbon to make handles. You will be able to open your bag without

Gift Bag Wrapping Tips

To make sure that the gift bag you create holds up, keep these things in mind.

  • Medium weight wrapping paper is ideal because it’s sturdy but not difficult to fold. If you’re getting your kids to decorate it first, try using some parcel paper as its quite sturdy. Use brightly coloured acrylic paint to decorate your paper. The colours will show up well against the brown kraft paper.
  • These gift bags are not recommended for items that are extremely tall and/or heavy. 
  • You can always add a piece of cardboard to the bottom of the bag to make it more sturdy.
  • If something feels flimsy, add a bit more tape.
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