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Marbled Baubles

These are so effective, and so unique. You won’t get any two the same. They are cheap and easy to put together, and definitely something the kids can get stuck into as well.

Happy Crafting!

You will need:

  • a clear plastic bauble. Make sure it’s the one that opens at the top, and not the ones that split open in half.
  • acrylic paint in two or three colours. Which colours you choose are put to you.
  • an egg cup, or small dish to balance your bauble on whilst its drying.
  • ribbon for hanging if your bauble doesn’t come with one already.

The paint I had to hand for this was a little thicker than I would have liked. It didn’t pour as readily as I needed it to, so I watered it down a little to make it move more freely. You will need to make a judgment call on whether you need to do the same to your paint. Pour a piece on a small onto a saucer or piece of scrap card. If it pours easily when you tilt it, you should be good to go. If not, add a tiny drop of water and repeat the test to see if that helps.

Balance your bauble on your egg cup or dish so that it is stable. Pour a little bit of paint into the bauble, and layer up your colours. Less is more here, so don’t go too crazy.

When you’ve layered up your paint, gradually tilt your bauble so that the paint covers the inside completely. You don’t want to mix the colours too much, so make sure you only move it as much as is necessary to cover the inside.

Leave you bauble in the egg cup to dry completely. This will probably take a day or two, so you’ll need to be patient. When it is completely dry, replace the lid and add a ribbon. Your finished bauble is ready for the tree.

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