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Paper Angels

Advent Calendar 2021 – Day 1

These mini paper angels are super quick and easy to make. These are a great way to practise scissor control as well.

You will need:

  • A print out of my paper angel template
  • scissors
  • ribbon and tape if you plan to hang your angels from your tree

Download your mini paper angel template here

Start by carefully cutting out your angels. You will need to cut along all of the black lines. There is no waste within the circle, so be careful not to cut further than the lines.

Now slot the cut on the outside of the left hand side of your circle, into the slot on the inside of the right. Clear as mud right? Follow the images and video below to help you.

If you’d like, tape a small piece of ribbon to the back of your angel. You can now hang them from your Christmas Tree. They will sit on the branches just as easily.

Bling it up…

Why not make a big version of these angels and add some sparkles for the top of your Christmas Tree? Don’t forget to share your photos. Id love to see you paper angels.

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