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Santa Treat Pots

These cute little Santa Treat Pots are a cheap and effective craft. Another great idea to create a homemade gift for someone, and a great decoration to refill each year when the treats are gone!

You will need:

  • a 10cm flower pot, or an alternative size to suit if you’d prefer
  • Red and white yarn
  • white pva school glue
  • a glue brush or spreader
  • Black buttons

Turn you flower pot upside down. Spread a ring of glue around the base, and start wrapping the red yarn around and around. Make sure the yarn is wrapped close to the previous row so that you can’t see any of the side of the flower pot.

Keep wrapping the red yarn, spreading a strip of glue as you go, until you get to the rim of the flower pot. Cut the red yarn and stick down the end.

Attach the white yarn and continue wrapping as before until you get to the top of the pot. Cut the end and secure with plenty of glue.

Add a couple of black buttons to the front of your pot. Leave it to dry completely. It might be touch dry in a couple of hours, but it’s best to leave it to set completely over night.

Add some treats to you Santa Treat Pots. Maybe some White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies. Now you just need to decide who you will give it to as a gift this Christmas.

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