Craft Month

March is Craft Month!

Craft Month is an excuse to do as much crafting as possible. Learn something new. Finish a project you’ve been meaning to finish for ages. Basically, just get stuck into it!

I am very excited about this. I haven’t had chance to do a huge amount of craft the last couple of months. We have had too much going on at home with moving house and homeschooling and all the problems that come with them. So I am jumping right into this amazing opportunity to do as much craft as I can get away with this month. Luckily for you, that means I will be sharing loads of crafty ideas with you. If all goes to plan, I may even have a few new kits for you to try. As always, I am being ambitious with what I can achieve. But then the kids are back at school, so I only have the little one to entertain during the day. I will, without a doubt, be capitalising on nap times!!

You will find links to all the crafts I publish as part of craft month right here on this page. These will appear as they are published, so do keep visiting for more and more crafty ideas. You will also find loads more crafty ideas on my Crafty Blog.

P.S. Keep scrolling for my Craft Month Competition!!

Craft Month Competition

As crafting puts me in such an amazingly good mood, I want to share the love. Share photos of you and/or your kids crafting this month using the gallery below. Vote for your favourite photos. The photo with the most votes will receive a large craft box from me. Thats 5 of my craft kits to get stuck into. No brainer, right?

You can either email you photos to me at, or upload them straight into the competition gallery below.

UK entries only, please. I cannot post my kits overseas. Please include the “Craft Month Competition Entry” in the subject line of email entries. This is not essential, but your email is less likely to get lost this way. If there is more than one photo with the same number of votes, I will get my little people to pick a winner here at Beading Brilliant HQ. Competition closes at 23:59 on 31/03/2021. Click here for full competition terms and conditions. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has uploaded photos voted so far.

There have been a large number of duplicate votes. Whilst I am flattered you are keen to win, I am also keen to keep the competition as fair as possible. I have therefore decided to limit the number of votes by IP address (location) to a maximum of 5.
All duplicate votes will be deleted.

Everyone who uploads a photo to my craft month competition will receive a
cheeky discount code. Just to say thanks for your support.
Happy Crafting!