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Crafty Elf Classes-21

Welcome to my Crafty Elf Classes.

Let the kids come along and make a gift for YOU this Christmas. Imagine their beaming faces as you unwrap a gift they have created THEMSELVES for YOU!

I promise the they make gifts will be something you can use and be proud of, and not a lot of cardboard stuck together in an abstract kid kind of way. And you don’t need to worry about clearing up after the crafting is done!

How does it work?

You book your child onto a time that suits you.

Drop them off to their class. They will come and choose something from 3 or 4 crafts on offer. Potentially more . They will make their chosen craft here in the class, wrap it up and label it. Then they can take it home and keep it safe until Christmas. It’s already wrapped so naughty parents can’t peek! They don’t need to bring anything with them. All materials and equipment will be provided. I will provide aprons where paints and glue are involved, but please make sure they are not wearing their best frock.

What will they be making?

Well, that would give the game away, wouldn’t it?!

They will have a choice of crafts that may include decorating photo frames, personalised candles, shopping bags or tea towels. They will be creating gifts that you can use and enjoy, and display with pride. I promise the gifts they make will be something you can use and be proud of, and not a lot of cardboard stuck together in an abstract kid kind of way. Here are a few examples for you.

Do I need to stay during the session?

These classes are an opportunity for your kids to make something for you for Christmas without giving you the chance to see it before the big day. Or for you to clear up the mess after they’re done! If your child doesn’t feel comfortable staying without you, perhaps they could make a gift for a grandparent, or other family member. If you need to stay, please let me know. I will assume you will be dropping off your child unless you let me know otherwise.

You must stay with Pre-School children.

What age is this class suitable for?

These classes are aimed at Primary School Children. There will be a range of crafts to choose from across a variety of skill levels.

You can book your pre-school child a space, but you will need to stay with them during the session. I do not have the staffing available to meet ratio requirements for pre-school children.

Please bear in mind that the products used in this class are not suitable for under 3’s. For this reason, I am unable to accept children under 3 years if age onto these classes. Thank you for understanding.

How do I book?

Choose the time that suits you best, select how many spaces you would like to book, and follow the instructions. The form will ask for your Child’s name, age and contact email address. You will need to fill in the form for each ticket selected. Your tickets will then be added to your basket, where you will be able to check out to confirm your booking.

Technology is a fickle beast. We’ve all had issues online from time to time. If you come across a problem, please let me know via WhatsApp or email. Include as much information as possible so that I can help you out quickly.

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11 Dec 2021




The Yews Community Centre
Haywards Heath
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