The Party Pack

I provide the materials, you run the party!

This is a great option if you’re running a party on a budget.

I will supply you with a pack of materials for each of your party goers in one convenient box, along with “teacher” instructions so you can lead the craft yourself.

Your Party Pack box will be delivered well in advance of your party, taking the stress out of getting the entertainment organised.

Also included in the box are all the equipment items you need, such as table protectors, brushes, scissors, mixing palettes etc. These items are reusable, and need to be returned to me at a convenient time after the party.

Prices start from £8pp.

Add a Beading Brilliant Party Bag for each person for an additional £2.50pp.

So, what’s the process? How do I book?

First off, get in touch if you’re thinking about booking a Crafty Party or a Party Pack. Let me know a few basics so I can get an idea of the party you have in mind, such as their age, group size, what they like or don’t like doing, whether you want to include a Crafty Party bag. We can chat through some ideas, and I can send you some photos of examples. You can book a phone call, chat via whatsapp, or send me an email. 

Maybe you want to do one craft. Maybe you want to start a couple. Maybe you’re not entirely sure what you want. Thats fine. I can make some suggestions based on the age and size of the group, and we can go from there. 

I will also double check potential venues, times and dates and make sure everything matches up.

After that, I will send you a written quote. I can include a couple of options if you’re not sure what to choose.

From there we can finalise the details, organise a deposit and get the party booked in.


Oh, I almost forgot to mention! I also include a little crafty gift for the birthday girl/boy. It is their birthday after all.

Potential Crafts

Beaded Bracelets

Marbled Ceramics

French knitting

Mask Making

Knotted Friendship Bracelets

crafty parties

Painted flower pots

Flower pot people

Learn to Knit

Tie Dyed Shoes


Decorating Ceramics

Beaded Keyrings

Decorate Trinket Boxes

Decorating Candles

Fabric Painting