Easy Thomas the Tank Engine Costume

Thomas is a staple in many households with young kids, I’m sure. Ours is no different. As seems to have become my style, I have added decoration to existing clothes for this Easy Thomas the Tank Engine Costume. It works. This hoodie was worn again and again as any other hoodie would be. It’s a little loved now, but has been handed on to another little boy who I hope loves it just as much as mine did.

I started with a blue hoodie, and black trousers. For the wheels I chose to use thick grey felt. I wanted it to hold its shape during the day, and not go all floppy and annoying.

Measure how big you want the wheels to be. Whilst big wheels look great, they will be much more likely to get in the way. When you’re happy with the size, cut 2 large circles from the grey felt. Then cut triangles to create the effect of spokes. I attached these to the side of the ankles with a few stitches. I’ll be honest, I think these were a bit annoying for the poor little Chap throughout the day. I ended up taking the wheels off after World Book Day so that he could keep using the trousers as normal.

The hoodie was much more of a success. Again, I opted for felt. Its so forgiving. The edges don’t fray for a start. Thats a massive bonus when you’re trying to put together a simple costume. It also stood up to normal wear and tear pretty well. For the pockets I stitched a think strip of red felt about 1 or 2 cm from the edge. You could use glue here, but stitching will last much much longer, and it doesn’t need to be a masterpiece. For the numbers, I printed a large number 1 as a template. Using red felt I cut 2 of those, then made it a bit smaller for the yellow numbers. Lay the yellow number on top of the red and stitch onto the front of the hoodie as one. Again you could opt for glue if you’d rather, here.

Granted, it’s not perfect. But it made one little boy very happy.

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