Quick Stick Man Costume

Stick Man Costume

As with many of my world book day creations, this Quick Stick Man costume started life as a pair of brown trousers, and a brown long sleeved t-shirt. Why make life hard for yourself making clothes?!

Stick Man has a few leaves on his head and his arm, so that’s exactly what I created. Keep reading to find out how.

I made leaves using thin felt in two different shades of green.

These were secured in groups with a couple of stitches. One group was attached to one elbow, and the other to the headband. The headband was simply made from a length of black elastic. You could use elastic, or an old headband if you have one handy.

Arrange the leaves how you’d like them and stitch them down. Glue is less likely to work on elastic, so I’d recommend a few stitches. If you are opting to use a sewing machine, remember to stretch your elastic as you sew, or the stitches will pop open when the elastic is stretched.

We spiked his hair up as an added bonus. I did buy some brown face paint, but he was not happy about that prospect so it went unused!

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