Difficulty Ratings

What are difficulty ratings?

A lot of people ask me if I think their little people will be able to manage my kits. The honest answer is simply “I don’t know”. I don’t know how crafty your little people are. You will be much better placed to judge that. So I’ve been working on making the difficulty ratings more transparent…

Difficulty Ratings - 1 bead

Really simple kits with no need to follow instructions. These are predominantly bead mixes. 

Difficulty Ratings - 2 Beads

Simple kits with easy to follow photo instructions. These are predominantly button mosaics, but I would also put the aeroplane and flowers mini makes in this category

Difficulty Ratings - 3 Beads

“Middle of the road” kits. These include more detailed instructions which still include full colour photos. Most of the beaded keyrings would fall under this one, but I’d also include the more fiddly mini makes, namely the work puppet and rocket launcher.

Difficulty Ratings - 4 Beads

These kits are a bit more fiddly and will require more concentration. Don’t worry, there are still full colour photo instructions to follow. The more complex beaded keyrings would fit here, namely the unicorn, mermaid and flamingo. 

Difficulty Ratings - 5 Beads

These kits require an element of basic sewing skill, and are currently the most tricky kit I provide. The sock creature kits fit here. 

I hope that helps. I’ll be adding stickers to the front of all my kits on display in Mabel’s Emporium and at the upcoming fairs and events I’m attending.

Please ask if you have any questions.