The Bored Jar

the bored jar cover

I very much hope one or two of our “Boredom Busters” have helped you through this half term. But if not, here is a trick you can get ready for the next school holiday. The Bored Jar. It’s completely customisable to you and your kids. Put in it what works for you. Even better, get the kids involved in deciding what should be included.

You will need…

  • plain wooden lollipop sticks
  • a fine marker pen
  • coloured tape
  • an empty jar

Have a think about what kind of activity you and your kids like to do. Have a bit of a brainstorm and make a list. It can be as long as you like. The more activities you choose, the more likely it is the bored jar will work for you.

I had a list on my phone I kept adding to as I thought about things. It was handy. If I waited to write it down when I got home, I would have forgotten.

When you are happy with your list, divide them into categories. There are no hard and fast rules about which categories you should use. See what works for you. These are our categories.

bored jar categories
  • Fun With Food
  • Quiet Time
  • Outdoor Fun
  • Things We Can Do
  • Full of Beans
  • Crafty Fun

Now colour code each category. We used some different coloured washi tape to make each category easily recognisable.

Write each activity on a separate lollipop stick. Wrap a piece of washi tape around the other end, following your colour coding for the categories.

Bored jar activities

These are the activities we settled on.

Keep adding to your jar as your kids interests and abilities change. Add categories if you like. Do what works for you.

Happy Crafting!

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