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Which type of Crafty Parent are you?

Whether you’re into crafts or not, the chances are your kids will have gotten stuck in at some point. Since starting Beading Brilliant, I have noticed there are generally four types of crafty parent. Some fit squarely into one single category. Others are spread across a couple, depending more often than not on how their day is going. I think we can all identify ourselves in one or two of these.

Just for fun, which type of crafty parent are you?

The Craftaholic

You absolutely love crafts. You don’t need to be asked twice when the kids shout “can we do some crafts?” You’ll already have the paints and glues out and ready. You love to try new ideas and explore new techniques. Mess doesn’t phase you at all. It’ll wash, right?

You are a little bit guilty of getting stuck in more than the kids. It has been known that you’ve gotten so stuck in, you haven’t noticed the kids have gotten bored and started playing something else. Doh! But that’s ok. Nurture your creative side. It’s food for the soul!

Your friends know you’ll always have an idea up your sleeve if they need one. Even better, they know you’ll organise a messy play date, or crafty party from time to time, so they don’t have to. Win win. You do the craft, they don’t have the mess to deal with, and the kids have their crafting fix. Perfect.

You are always looking for something a bit more tricky to try with the kids. If they can’t manage it then you’ll be more than happy to “help them out!”

The Reluctant Crafter

You don’t mind crafts, but they are not your go to activity given the choice. Your social media feed is filled picture perfect photos of happily crafting kids. Posted by seemingly stress free and happy parents.

So if everyone else is doing it, it can’t be that bad, right? You feel as though you’ve missed a memo somewhere, and really ought to be enjoying it. But it usually ends up with paint on the wall, and nothing of any worth created. Most of the paintings are a reddish brown splodge that take about three weeks to dry. The kids get bored quickly and you end up spending more time cleaning than they were actually doing any craft.

Whilst there are some successes, it is generally more hassle than it is worth. You consider avoiding paints next time. They seem to the root of most of the problems.

The Negotiator

You don’t mind the kids doing some craft. But only if that means you can get five minutes peace with a cuppa.

It’s not that you won’t get stuck in. But you’d rather not if you can help it. The kids can get on with it just fine. Although the mess afterwards is a bit of a pain. But they are enjoying themselves and you have negotiated yourself a bit of peace and quiet. For five minutes at least. Hey, who knows. Maybe they’ll have gotten into it more this time round and you’ll have a solid 10 minutes of uninterrupted bliss! If not, then all is not lost. You just need a bit more forward planning!

The Dodger

Crafts. Pah!

Apart from pencil and paper (if you’re lucky), you have no craft materials in the house. Period. Crafts are the enemy. You say you don’t have a creative bone in your body. You are perfectly happy with that. Crafts are not for everyone and you’re happy to let the more creative types get on with it.

You have enough to do without cleaning up excessive mess after the kids have had free reign over paints and glue. You only buy specific kits and let the kids do some crafts if you know the mess can be contained and controlled. You’re happy in the knowledge you don’t need to get involved and can “supervise” from a distance. The crafts your kids enjoy are generally at school or at the playdates your “craftaholic” friend organises from time to time.

Still if you’re after specific kits to keep the kids entertained for a bit, then you are in the right place, my friend!

So? Which type of crafty parent are you?

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