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Squeezy Strawberry

strawberry squishy

You will probably have the materials for this one at home already. If not then they are easy to get hold of. Making a squeezy strawberry is a fairly quick craft, and the finished product will keep the kids entertained afterwards. Win win!

Happy Crafting!

You will need

you will need:

  • a red balloon
  • some flour
  • an empty bottle with a neck a similar size to the neck of your balloon
  • a funnel
  • green yarn
  • gold pen or paint

Put the flour in the empty bottle. You will need about two or three times as much as your empty balloon will hold.

Blow the balloon up a little so that it is stretched out.

Without letting too much air out, stretch the neck of the balloon over the bottle. Tip the bottle upside and gently shake the flour into the balloon.

When you are happy with the amount of flour in your balloon, gently remove the balloon from the bottle, and let out any excess air. You will need to make sure as much of the air is removed, without losing any flour. Tie a knot in the balloon and put to one side.

It doesn’t look much like a strawberry yet though, does it?

To make the leaves of your strawberry, wrap some green yarn around you fingers. Securely tie a smaller length or yarn around the centre of your bundle. Using the same yarn, tie the bundle round the knot in the top of your balloon. Cut the loops and tidy up the ends as necessary.

Draw or paint on gold dots for the seeds. Let it dry completely. You will now be able to squeeze and shape your squeezy strawberry.

Put your own twist on it…

Why not try and make some different squeezy fruits? Maybe a pineapple, or a banana? I’d love to see your creations?

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