Halloween Party Games for Kids

Kids love dressing up, and Halloween is the perfect excuse. If you’ve decided to throw a party this year , these Halloween party games for kids will go down a treat. Kids party games should need much preparation, and shouldn’t cost the earth. Have a look at what you have around the house to create some of these.

Pumpkin Toss

Bean bags or table tennis balls will work brilliantly for this game. Assign different colours to each team to work out points.

All you’ll need to make it are some boxes, and poster board or similar strong cardboard.

Ghostly Stacking Cups

This one is super easy. All you need is a black marker and some cups. Use bean bags to knock them down, or see who can build it up into a pyramid the fastest. Check out the link for loads of ghost themed halloween party ideas.

Witches Hat Ring Toss

Make cones from black card. Add coloured buckles to create witches hats.

Stick them to a poster board or arrange them on the floor to create a ring toss game.

Pumpkin Bowling

Use an apple corer or a sharp knife to carefully to create finger holes in a pumpkin. Draw a few ghostly faces on some toilet rolls, and let the bowling fun commence!

Pin the Spider on the Web

This is a classic twist on a classic game. A large piece of paper and a black marker will do the job here. If you’d prefer to get the web printed, there is a pdf to download if you follow the link

Eye Ball Dig

How many eyes can you find in a minute?

Find some toy eye balls, or draw eyes on table tennis balls. In a big bowl of cooked spaghetti, it’ll take about a minute to find 12, so add a few more eyes to make it more challenging! Or make 2 bowls and let the kids go head to head in a race.

This is sure to be a favourite halloween party games for kids!

Eye and Spoon Race

Buy toy eye balls, or decorate some table tennis balls to look like eyeballs. Or re-use the eye balls you made for the eyeball dig.

How will you set up your race? A straight running race or a relay. Add some obstacles to make it even more tricky.