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Blanket Stitch

Those of you that follow my Facebook page will have noticed I have recently released a couple of new mini make kits for Christmas that include a bit of blanket stitch. For those that haven’t had much practise with a needle, this might be a bit daunting. It needn’t be. Blanket stitch is a fairly straight forward stitch. So, here is a “How To… ” video. Have a go!

I have used two different coloured pieces of felt in the video, and a contrasting thread. This is simply so it is easier to see what is going on.

Here are the step by step instructions:

  1. With your edges together, make a couple of stitches to secure your thread.
  2. Make another stitch, a few millimetres away from the first, but don’t pull it tight just yet. Thread your needle through the loop you have created and then pull tight.
  3. Make another stitch a few millimetres away again, thread your needle through the loop and pull tight. It’s that simple.
  4. When you have finished your work, make another couple of stitches in the same place to secure your thread. You can either trim the excess thread, or if you are making an enclosed shape, you can lose the end inside the project. The latter works particularly well for my felt mini make kits.

For those that are inspired below are the kits that require blanket stitch. You can find my Christmas collection here.

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