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Monster Bookmarks

monster bookmarks

Have a go at making these monster bookmarks. These are super easy, and great fun.

You will need:
– A square sheet of coloured paper (I trimmed down an A4 sheet)
– Small scraps of white and coloured paper
– scissors
– glue
– pens or pencils

Prefer written instructions?

Here you go…

Fold the square paper in half, creating a triangle. Make sure your creases are crips for each fold.

Bring the point down to meet the folded edge.

Fold the point at each edge to meet the centre of the bottom crease.

Unfold each side, then bring these points up to meet the top corner of the paper. You should have a square.

Tuck the top triangles into the pocket you have created.

monster bookmarks

You have now made your basic book mark.

Turn it into a monster bookmark by adding monster features using your scraps of coloured paper.

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