Shaving Foam Marbling

Shaving foam marbling is by far the easiest form of marbling I have tried. Its so easy for the kids to get involved with. It is quite a messy one though. So prepare your work surface, and make sure the kids are not wearing their best frocks! Don’t be put off by the mess though.

Happy Crafting!

you will need:

  • an oven dish or tray
  • shaving foam (not gel or cream)
  • food colouring in your favourite colours
  • cocktail sticks
  • a ruler
  • a palette knife or similar
  • white paper or cardstock
  • newspaper or kitchen towel to protect your work surface.

First off, protect your work surface. We have a wipe clean table cloth, so Im working straight onto that. But if you have a lovely wooden table, please put down some newspaper or a protective mat of some kind. This is most definitely a messy craft.

Squirt a layer of shaving foam in the base of your dish. You only really need enough to cover the base. I ended up using far more than necessary (it expanded more than I expected it to!)

Add drops of your food colouring to the shaving foam. I found it produced a better pattern if I squirted lines of food colouring in random directions across the foam. The splodges (as pictured above) didn’t spread as well when they were mixed. Using the cocktail stick, swirl the colours around. Be careful not to mix too much here.

When you are happy with your mixing, gently press a sheet if white paper or card down onto the foam. You don’t want to bury it, but you need to make sure the paper has completely made contact the the shaving foam and colouring.

Carefully lift the paper from one corner up and place it (foam side up) on your work surface. Using your ruler, scrap the excess shaving foam from the paper. Leave your marbles paper somewhere to dry.

You might find there is enough colouring on your foam to marble another sheet. That is very much a judgment call. Maybe give it a go and see what happens.

You can leave it there and admire your shaving foam marbling. Or you can use the paper to create cards and tags, or whatever you like. Maybe visit the paper craft section of my blog for a bit of inspiration!

Happy Crafting!

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