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Woven Paper Heart

This is a lovely craft to make for Valentine’s Day. Even really young crafters can get involved with this one. My youngest is not quite 2, and very much enjoyed decorating the template for her woven paper heart.

You will need:

  • coloured paper (or colouring pencils),
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • buttons, sequins or gems
  • my woven heart template

Start by downloading my template, and printing it out onto coloured paper. If you don’t have any coloured paper, why not find some colouring pencils and decorate the template yourself. My youngest loved this idea!! She is not quite 2 here, so this is a great way to get very young kids involved.

Carefully cut the template out. Also cut along the four lines within each shape. This will create the strips you need to weave your heart together.

Lay both pieces on a flat surface, and begin carefully weaving the strips together. You will need a little patience here to weave all the strips together. Don’t try and rush it. You may end up ripping your paper strips.

Carefully glue your buttons, sequins or gems onto each square created by the weaving.

Leave the glue to dry completely, and you’re done.

You could write a special message on the back and give your heart to a cherished friend or family member. Or simply decorate your house with a few woven paper heart.


Try cutting a difference number of strips, or even varying the width of the strips to create different patterns. You will need to make sure the strips are the same on both sides of your heart, or you will run into problems when you try and weave them together.

Happy Crafting!

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