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Product Safety

I take product safety very seriously. Take a look to find out what I’m doing to make sure my kits are safe for your children.

All products aimed at children under 14 years old need to comply to the toy safety standards. These were introduced primarily to prevent toy importers from buying in cheap and unsafe toys for our children. But they also apply to everyone selling toys, whether that be a giant supermarket, or a small business like mine. If you are buying products for your children, whether from a big guy, or someone small like myself, I encourage you to look up the safety information. If you can’t find it, ASK!

Product Safety Testing

Products need to pass certain safety tests in order to be considered safe.

  • Mechanical – Ensuring the product doesn’t break easily
  • Flammability – How quickly the product would catch fire, and how quickly that fire would spread.
  • Migration of contaminants – Which and how much of certain chemicals may leach out of the products if it were swallowed.

The toy safety standards are aimed at products that fit squarely in the “toy” category. My craft kits, whilst aimed at children, do not always fit squarely within that category. I ensure that the component parts of my kits comply with the above safety tests. Many of the products I source come with the relevant safety certification. Where these are not available, I organise the testing myself. Where the finished product is considered a toy, the finished product will also be subject to the above testing.

Understanding the Safety Label

On every label, I include a description of the hazards present in the kit.

Small Parts. Chocking Hazard.

Every single kit I sell will hold this warning. My craft kits contain parts which pose a choking hazard to young children. These are usually small buttons and beads.

Long Cord. Strangulation Hazard.

This label applies to any kit that has a length of cord above 22cm. It applies to all keyring kits, sewing kits, knitting kits and Herbert the Caterpillar among others.

This kit contains a Sharp Point.

This applies to every kit that contains a needle, as well as kits such as the rocket launcher, where the paper clip may be considered a sharp point.

CE and UKCA Safety Marks

CE Marking is the European Standard, and something we are all likely to be familiar with. The new UKCA mark is the result of Brexit, and needs to be applied to all newly manufactured toys sold within the UK. Northern Ireland is the exception, where the CE mark is still required.

Other trading areas and countries have their own standards which will differ from those in Europe and the UK. It is not cost effective for me to comply to these standards, which is why I can only ship my products within the UK.

The CE Mark

Applied to products across the the European Union.

The UKCA Mark

Applied to products in the UK following Brexit.

Age recommendations

Due to small parts, none of my products are suitable for children under 3 years of age.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about product safety and my craft kits, please get in touch. I will be happy to help.