Alphabet Button Mosaic


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Here it is! Our Alphabet Button Mosaics!


The basic price includes up to 5 letters of your choice as well as enough buttons to create your mosaic. If you need additional letters, simply select these from the drop down menu. These are charged at an extra £1 per letter.


In the text box, let us know which letters you would like and which colour you’d like them. That way we can make sure you have the right number of buttons in each colour.


Choose from Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Brown, Black and White.


We have also pictured a few patterms that have proven popular. If you would like a particular pattern, just type that next to the corresponding letter in the text box.


For example:

To order “TOM”, enter “T-colour O-colour M-colour”, in the text box.

To order “THOMAS”, enter “T-colour, H-colour, O-colour M-colour A-colour S-colour”, in the text box, and select “one” additional letter.


If you are not sure, just contact me and we will give you a hand. 


Difficulty Rating

2 beads – simple kits with easy to follow photo instructions. These are predominantly button mosaics, but I would also put the aeroplane and flowers mini makes in this category.


Sending a gift?

No problem. Just let me know a few details, and I will add a ribbon and message tag for you at no extra cost.


We’ve aimed this kit at aged 5+, depending on how crafty they are. Due to small parts, these kits are not suitable for anyone under 3 as they pose a choking hazard.


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