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Straw Aeroplanes

Straw Areoplane

There are loads of designs for paper aeroplanes out there. We did have a go at a couple. I did have every intention of trialling a few out and writing about the best ones to have a go at. But my lot weren’t that enthusiastic in the end. The planes that did the best tricks were too difficult for them to follow, so they lost interest quite quickly.

That said, if you are a paper aeroplane fanatic, or just a little bit curious, this website by Origami Way has plenty of variations to get stuck into. 

I needed something else for my lot to try. Still on the aeroplane theme, and a lot easier for little hands to manage, I found straw aeroplanes. So here they are.

materials for straw areoplanes

You will need:

  • A4 sheet of card or sturdy paper
  • 4 drinking straws
  • sticky tape
  • ruler
  • pencil, and
  • scissors.

Measure two 3cm strips along the long edge of your card.

Carefully cut these out.

Fold one of these strips in half and cut. You will only need one half for your aeroplane

Bend each of these strips to form circles. Be careful not to fold them. Secure the ends together with a piece of sticky tape.

Tape the straws at regular intervals around the inside of the large circle and the outside of the small circle.

That’s it. You’re done. Now all the is left to do is throe it and watch it fly!

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