Folded Paper Bracelets

folded paper bracelets

This is totally up our street. There is something quite satisfying about folding paper to create something new. It has always fascinated me and this boredom buster is no different. Folded paper bracelets are a little bit fiddly, but easy to get the hang of. Once you’ve caught the bug, you’ll be making loads of them.

You will need…

  • coloured paper
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pencil
  • a ruler
  • a paperclip

You will need to start by cutting your paper into strips. We have used 12cm by 3cm here, which works quite well. You can make it smaller or larger if you like, but make sure you have a 4:1 ratio.

You will need 16-24 strips, depending on how big you want the finished bracelet to be. We used 16 strips to make a bracelet which fitted over my 6 year old daughters hand.

Once you have all of your strips cut out, you will need to fold them in half and then in half again. It is important that you fold them long sides together first, otherwise you will run into trouble when you come to make your bracelet.

Now for the fun part…

Paper bracelet 1

Using different colours makes it easier to see what you are doing. You can of course use what ever colours you like.

Put one strip inside the other. The folded end of the blue strip is at the top. You will the need a little over a strip width of blue at the top of the green.

Paper bracelet 2

Fold the top half of the tail up at a right angle so that it is in line with the green strip.

Paper bracelet 3

Fold this up again so that it is sitting on top of the green strip

Paper bracelet 4

Repeat on the other side and secure with a paperclip

Paper bracelet 6

Insert a new strip into the loop. Position it so that a little over a strip width is about the loop

Paper bracelet 7

Fold he top half of the tail up at right angles, and again over the previous strip as before. Tuck the tail into the pocket made by the previous square. Repeat for the other side

Paper bracelet 9

Insert a new strip into the loop and repeat the process again

Continue adding and folding strips until your bracelet is long enough.

finishing the folded paper bracelet

To finish your bracelet, carefully remove your paperclip, and slide the tail through the final loop

finishing folded paper bracelets 2

Fold the tail at right angles, and again in line with the previous strip. Tuck in the end to the pocket as before. Repeat on the other side.

Your bracelet is complete.

folded paper bracelets

Have a go at making your own folded paper bracelets. Let me know how you get on. Don’t forget to post your photos on my social media (facebook or instagram) with the hashtag #ihavecraftykids to enter our monthly competition.

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