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Make your own Scrunchies

Scrunchies make a great beginners sewing project. We have used a sewing machine to make our scrunchies, which has made the process far quicker. You can also hand sew them if you’d prefer. The result will be the same. If you do have a sewing machine to hand, this is a great project to get kids started in learning to use one. My 7 year old loves using my sewing machine. Quick and simple projects like this boost her confidence and sense of achievement. Whether sewn with a sewing machine, or by hand, these are a staple of any girls wardrobe and are easy to make with a little bit of patience. Come and have a go and make your own scrunchies!

you will need:

  • cotton fabric in your chosen colour
  • matching thread
  • sharp fabric scissors
  • 1/4″ elastic
  • pins
  • sewing needle or a sewing machine
  • ruler or tape measure

Let’s get Started

Measure a strip of cotton fabric 55cm by 9cm. This is going to seem very long. Don’t panic. It will need to be this long to have a good “scrunch” to it when it’s finished.

Time to stitch

Fold the fabric lengthways, with the right sides facing each other, and pin together. Sew a straight line along the long edge, removing the pins as you go to create a tube. This will be far quicker with a sewing machine, but you can also hand sew the seam if you’d prefer.

Turn the tube the right way out using a safety pin. Attach the pin to one end, and wiggle it through the inside of the tube until it reaches the other end. Gently pull the fabric through, being careful not to damage the end. This may take a little bit of patience. It is often easier once you get it started, so kids making these might need a hand to get going.

Cut a length of elastic 23cm long, and attach the safety pin to one end. Using the safety pin as a guide, thread the elastic through the fabric tube. Be careful not to lose the ends. Remove the safety pin and tie the ends of the elastic together securely.

Finishing off

Fold the ends of the tube under to hide the raw edges. Over lap the folded ends. Secure them in place with a couple of pins, and sew shut to complete your scrunchie.

Well done! You have made your own scrunchie!

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