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Straw Weaving

Straw weaving is so versatile. You can make bracelets, belts, straps, necklaces, headbands. Anything you like! This would make a great party craft for tweens or older. The materials are cheap and easy to find, and the possibilities are endless.

You will need:

  • Drinking Straws (either 3 or 5 would work well. We used 3 here)
  • Yarn in your favourite colour
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • A small piece of cardboard.

Cut 3 lengths of yarn a little longer than your straws. Thread a length through each straw. You will found it much easier to use a heavy tapestry needle, skewer or knitting needle to push your yarn through.

Cut another length of yarn that is about 2 to 2.5m long. Wrap this length around a small piece of card. This will act as a shuttle and keep your yarn from getting knotted when you start weaving. Tie all the lengths of yarn together. Be careful not to pull the yarn out of the straws.

Tape the knot to your table or work bench. Slide the straws right up the knot and place another pice of tape just over the very end of the straws.

How to Weave

Begin weaving the yarn over and under the straws. Use the cardboard shuttle to weave your yarn over the first straw, under the second and over the third. Continue weaving back and forth, alternating over and under. Gently push the yarn up the straws so it site snuggly against the previous row.

Finishing off

When your straw weaving is long enough, carefully removed each straw in turn. You will need to hold the weaving in place whilst you gently pull the straw away. If you don’t, your weaving may unravel.

Tie the loose ends of yarn together close to the end of your weaving. Trim away any excess yarn. Make sure you have enough to tie your bracelet around your wrist.

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